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I just purchased my digital door lock, so could you tell me how to install the digital door lock myself?

At Bena Co., there are two different types of locks. SHS-3320 Model comes in a deadbolt lock set whereas SHS-P717/SHS-P718 and SHS-H635/SHS-H505 Models come in Mortise lock sets. There is a specific installation procedure that you need to follow for each lock set.

For SHS-3320 (Deadbolt Model), please watch this video.

For SHS-P717/SHS-P718 and SHS-H635/SHS-H505 (Mortise Model), please watch this video:
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How much space would it be necessary to have on my door in order to successfully install digital door locks?

The required space to install digital door locks varies from model to model. In case you have any decorative elements on your door (windows/moldings), please consult these images to measure the size of your installation space.


  • SHS-3320: please allow 3.75” of space
  • SHS-H635: please allow 4.25” of space
  • SHS-H505: please allow 4.25” of space
  • SHS-P717: please allow 4.5” of space
  • SHS-P718: please allow 4.5” of space

I lost my user guide manuals. What should I do?